A little bit of nature for you this week. Before taking this, I was shooting a couple having an embrace. I noticed how the flat landscape was mirrored in the clouds and how the land was echoing the sky.
The interesting thing is, as humans we seem to come together and feel 'something' at places with a natural force. We stop, listen, go inside ourselves and share a moment in time, however fleeting it may be. The funny thing is, that as soon as the couple turned away from the view they started to argue, the energy gone, falling straight back into their previous dynamic. There will be more to come on the lovers.

 Simon Hewson 2011©



Welcome to Coney Island, New York.
We spent a sweaty summers day taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this truly amazing place.
It's a place where people can go get loose and not be judged, they do however love to be watched!
It comes as no surprise that it's a photographers mecca. Coney Island has been photographed for many years, as many incarnations. The one thing that stood out to me the most was that people just have fun and don't give a damn what people think. There will be plenty more images on the way!

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Road Tripping

Well what a winter!

We were lucky enough to avoid winters frosty bite.

We travelled from May 9th through to August 25th.

Over the coming months I will do my best to post some tasty treats from our travels.

Here is a little something to get you started.

After the first heavy rainfall for over three months, Steve was celebrating after a hard days work in Tombstone, Arizona.

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