Happy Thanksgiving... Ok, so I'm a week late, but it's red, white and blue all the way in the town of Montpelier, Idaho.

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A worker does his best to show off his goods to passers by, they do their best not to acknowledge his existence. They would probably walk straight through him if they thought it possible. Italy has an abundance of foreign workers, some are forced workers working for local crime syndicates, some are just trying to do what they can with what little they have. It is hard, if not impossible, for the passer by to make a distinction between the two.
We should however, remember that every person has a story and every person deserves to be given the same amount of respect as the next.

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Shadowed By A Roadside

A short interview by Edwin Budhi about my latest project, book launch and exhibition 27th Jan-7th Feb 2012, Gaffa Gallery, Gallery 3, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000,
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Over the years I have been drawn to photographing doors and windows. A rather banal subject matter you may think. I however, believe quite the opposite. They serve as entry and exit to a private world that only few people know and understand. Ultimately, they are captivating portals into another world. We choose to show off facets of our lives; trophies, knick knacks, items that are forgotten to the outside world. An intimate glimpse into what we hold dearest.

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With the arrival of Prince Harry in Gila Bend, Arizona, fathers have been locking up their daughters for fear of the naughty prince having his wicked way.
A short quote from Mayor Henry "There are probably some fathers here who would go to extremes to protect their daughters, some of the dads won't take too kindly to a prince fornicating the night away."(From The Daily Mail, UK)
If I was Prince Harry I would worry less about the gun totting and more about the size of their trucks. On a recent stay in Gila Bend, I made the decision to not try and park in my allocated spot, as I didn't fancy knocking on number 20's door and politely asking him to move his big ass truck.

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I noticed the deeper we got into the country, the abundance of wildlife grew, as was the apparent desire to kill it and show it off to all that care to pay attention. In the west hunting, killing and showing off your prize appears to be part of being a man. We had chats with various folk along the way, that described guns and hunting as being a big part of daily life. They are happy to admire a proud deer in the wild just as much as having its head on their wall at home. Being a lover of animals this almost schizophrenic attitude is impossible to comprehend, but then I didn't grow up in the 'American West'.

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