This weeks image of the week is from my hometown of Sutton-On-Sea, Lincolnshire. Our Euro trip had ended and we were gearing up for our next chapter, the USA. We quickly went back to where I grew up to spend some time with the family and relax before we feasted our senses on America.
My hometown is a sleepy place, it is flat, it has a sandy beach that runs as far as the eye can see, it has an abundance of people with one foot in the grave and it has three pubs. These are the constants in this town. The things that have changed over the years seem minimal and inconsequential in terms of the wider world. However this town has changed a lot since I grew up here. There are no empty fields left. Almost everyone has UPVC windows and doors. The ice cream parlour is long gone as are the break waters on the beach. One thing that hasn't changed is this orange bin. It has been there for as long as I can remember. See you next week in the US of A.

Simon Hewson©2012



This week our Euro adventure comes to an end. We close this chapter in Belgium. We spent a couple of days in Belgium before heading back to England. We learnt all about frites, chocolate, beer and good old fashioned hospitality thanks to our lovely Belgian hosts, the Danschutter's. I took this shot in Gent, I'm not quite sure what is happening here, it's up to you to make your own minds up. Next weeks instalment will be coming from my home town, Sutton-On-Sea. We then jet off to the USA!

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On this day last year we were at the half way point of the European leg of our trip. This week we are in the beautiful land of Croatia. This place holds a very special place in my heart, it is where my wife and I first told each other that we love each other. Just to clarify it wasn't on this trip, but on our first trip around 8 years ago. Nothing has changed, I'm still in love with this place and I'm more in love with the ball n chain. Until next week.

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Craig Waddell

I recently visited artist Craig Waddell at his studio. I was commissioned to photograph Craig, his studio and his work for a soon to be published book.

Born in Sydney in 1973, Waddell graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the National Art School in 1999 and a Master of Fine Art (Printmaking) at the Chiang Mai University, Thailand 2004. His recent awards include the 2008 Moya Dyring, Art Gallery of New South Wales residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris; the 2007 Marten Bequest Travelling Art Scholarship; and the 2007 Artspace residency at the Gunnery in Sydney. His many prizes include the Mosman Art Prize in 2010, the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize and the Tattersall’s Art Prize for landscape painting both in 2005, and the Paddington Art Prize and the Norville Australian Landscape Prize both in 2004. Waddell was a finalist in the 2006 and 2012 Achibald Prize and was also included in 2006 Salon des Refus├ęs. In 2005 he was a finalist in the Blake Prize and the Wynne Prize and is a finalist again in this year’s Wynne Prize. Craig is currently showing at Edwina Corlette Gallery in Brisbane, his home town gallery is Gallery 9 in Darlinghurst, Sydney. You can see more of Craig's work here www.craigwaddell.com

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This time last year was our last day in Italy, we were due to set sail for Croatia the following afternoon. After much clenching of the teeth/jaw, we decided to park the van up for a few days and have a rest from driving. We decided that the Amalfi coast would be the perfect place to do this. I was more than happy to walk around for a few days, stretch the legs and avoid near head on collisions at every turn.
This weeks shot was taken on one of our walks from Marmorata into Almalfi. The walk is about  3 km, not a walk for the faint of heart. A very windy road with Sheer drops on one side and rock face on the other. Along the road are lots of little doorways to peoples homes and the odd shop, this doorway was just around from a blind corner. I'm not sure what was going on here, a nosey neighbour? A concerned passer by? I'll let you decide.  Later that night we celebrated our last night in Italy with a couple of beautiful ice creams, I bit into mine with all the gusto of a greedy child, I felt a strange crunch, thinking it was little odd, I carefully placed the hard object in my hand. On closer inspection I realised I had lost a good chunk of my front tooth. Great! The van got through Italy without a scratch, my teeth clenching however had taken its toll.

Simon Hewson ©2012