This weeks image of the week is from my hometown of Sutton-On-Sea, Lincolnshire. Our Euro trip had ended and we were gearing up for our next chapter, the USA. We quickly went back to where I grew up to spend some time with the family and relax before we feasted our senses on America.
My hometown is a sleepy place, it is flat, it has a sandy beach that runs as far as the eye can see, it has an abundance of people with one foot in the grave and it has three pubs. These are the constants in this town. The things that have changed over the years seem minimal and inconsequential in terms of the wider world. However this town has changed a lot since I grew up here. There are no empty fields left. Almost everyone has UPVC windows and doors. The ice cream parlour is long gone as are the break waters on the beach. One thing that hasn't changed is this orange bin. It has been there for as long as I can remember. See you next week in the US of A.

Simon Hewson©2012