In the words of the great American photographer Robert Adams "You're always struggling to open your own eyes, as well as other peoples..." When I first heard him say this, it struck me that this is a constant battle I have within myself. One approaches their work trying to say something, now this something doesn't have to really be anything, however one attempts to make the viewer understand a scene in the sentiment that was first recorded.
This weeks image is all about what I have just spoken of. You, the viewer may read the image in any number of ways, but do you see what I saw? You can't feel the heat, the ground under your feet and the sound of the railcars rattle by. For me the whole point of photographing is to allow you into my thoughts, feelings and views of the world, therefore allowing me an opportunity to emote in a way that I can't with words.



Happy New Year! We are back in full swing, so expect an image of the week to be coming every week from now on. We are starting this year with the first showing of Shadowed By A Roadside, which will be opening on the 27th of Jan running until the 7th of Feb at Gaffa gallery in Sydney.

So what better way to start off a new year with a photograph taken on New Years Day (in 2005).

There is something quite special about New Years Day. We reflect on the year that has passed and have hope for the year to come. We celebrate with our loved ones and wish the best for everyone. Even people drive respectfully, which in Sydney is a rare thing indeed.

I took this shot on Lido, a small island just near Venice. Every year they have a beach party. People are dishing out free food and wine, the atmosphere was truly Italian, warm air, a tummy full of food, laughter and an abundance of fur coats. This shot also won Excellence In The Use Of Colour in the 2010 Kodak Salon. Until next week...



The time has come! 28 of my works from SHADOWED BY A ROADSIDE will be on show at gaffa gallery, alongside the show I will be launching the book. The book will be available as a limited edition, the first ten editions will be sold with a small print. Better get in quick! See below for details on the show.