I grew up shooting black & white, I started in my fathers disused darkroom at around the age of fourteen. Mixing up out of date chemicals, developing out of date film, then making prints on out of date paper.
I loved the experience of the process, the not knowing if what you have shot is worthy of printing, or if it's just more fodder for an overflowing bin of mistakes. Once I could afford new film, chemicals and paper, my world became alive with opportunity. From that point on I spent most of my teenage years in a darkroom, absorbing an array of toxic chemicals and harvesting an unhealthy lack of vitamin D. My love affair with black & white never ended. I have simply found that colour allows me to tell my stories in a more fulfilling way. I do however have plans on dusting off my 5x4 view camera and shooting some black & white projects around Sydney. This image was made in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.

Simon Hewson ©2012



A big wooden cock, or maybe rooster. I'm not sure of it's intended age, so I'll let you be the judge.
What is it with roosters and art? It's a rule that one should never depict a chicken, however a rooster is perfect subject matter.
So what makes the rooster so special? The Ancient Greeks, Chinese, Japanese and Christianity have all had a bit of a thing for them. Revered as a mythological symbol, its thought to represent: pride, honesty, courage, vigilance, strength and watchfulness. In this instance its being used as a symbol to sell wood and what a lovely piece of wood it is.

Simon Hewson©2012



I once read somewhere that Americans were fascinated by the frontier days. The days when disputes were settled by gun fire, men sported leather and a day old growth. Sounds like modern day Kings Cross, Sydney on a Saturday night. Only by the look of this empty grave, even the slain couldn't rest in peace.
I stumbled upon this shallow grave in Tucson, Arizona. Many things can kill you out there, the relentless heat, snakes and Mountain Lions* to name but a few. I deduced however, that this grave has probably never been used as I shot this at the Old Tucson Studios. Over the years it has been home to around 300 movies and TV productions, mostly Westerns. It has seen some of Hollywood's greats; Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Paul Newman, Leonardo DiCaprio and last but not least, the awesome Charlie Sheen.

My question is what did you think when you first saw this image?

*There has only ever been around 20 reported fatalities on record in North America due to Cougar attacks, so probably wipe this one from the danger list, I just wrote it for dramatic effect. To find out more on Mountain Lions click here

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We all love old photos, especially the ones that bring back memories of times forgotten. This week I have decided to invite you to look at one of my old photos and therefore share an old memory. This photo was taken at the RAF Coningsby Airshow in 1988. It was taken with my first camera, a Minolta AF-EII. I had shot almost a whole roll of film, innocently I opened the back of the camera to see how much film was left, I was filled with joy to see plenty sitting there, this however didn't fill my Dad with joy. I got a stern telling off for opening the back of the camera. Until that point I didn't grasp how film and light worked. A heavy lesson learned and what felt like a day ruined. The camera rewound the film to the first frame. Much to my secret delight I started snapping away again. The result was almost a whole roll of ghostly grey double exposures. I now realise looking back on the days of my early visual exploration that they were by far my freest days. No constraints, just say what you see or rather snap what you see.

To see more form this camera click here... AF-EII

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