I once read somewhere that Americans were fascinated by the frontier days. The days when disputes were settled by gun fire, men sported leather and a day old growth. Sounds like modern day Kings Cross, Sydney on a Saturday night. Only by the look of this empty grave, even the slain couldn't rest in peace.
I stumbled upon this shallow grave in Tucson, Arizona. Many things can kill you out there, the relentless heat, snakes and Mountain Lions* to name but a few. I deduced however, that this grave has probably never been used as I shot this at the Old Tucson Studios. Over the years it has been home to around 300 movies and TV productions, mostly Westerns. It has seen some of Hollywood's greats; Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Paul Newman, Leonardo DiCaprio and last but not least, the awesome Charlie Sheen.

My question is what did you think when you first saw this image?

*There has only ever been around 20 reported fatalities on record in North America due to Cougar attacks, so probably wipe this one from the danger list, I just wrote it for dramatic effect. To find out more on Mountain Lions click here

Simon Hewson ©2012