I grew up shooting black & white, I started in my fathers disused darkroom at around the age of fourteen. Mixing up out of date chemicals, developing out of date film, then making prints on out of date paper.
I loved the experience of the process, the not knowing if what you have shot is worthy of printing, or if it's just more fodder for an overflowing bin of mistakes. Once I could afford new film, chemicals and paper, my world became alive with opportunity. From that point on I spent most of my teenage years in a darkroom, absorbing an array of toxic chemicals and harvesting an unhealthy lack of vitamin D. My love affair with black & white never ended. I have simply found that colour allows me to tell my stories in a more fulfilling way. I do however have plans on dusting off my 5x4 view camera and shooting some black & white projects around Sydney. This image was made in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.

Simon Hewson ©2012