Like many kids I was fascinated by outer space, I so desperately wanted to be an astronaut. Sadly the dream slowly wore off, I put this down to being repeatedly told by teachers and other so called grown ups that "You will never be an astronaut!" I remember being nine years old, the kid that sat next to me at school went on holiday to the USA. He came back with a multitude of tall stories, the ones that mesmerized me were the stories from his visit to NASA. Tales were told of the launch pad, the space suits, moon buggies, you name it he knew about it, or had touched, sat in or smelt it. I was at the very least dripping with envy. From that day forth I wanted to go to the Kennedy Space Centre. Last year my dream came true. It seamed fitting that as my wish to be an astronaut had passed me by, so too had the shuttle program, which ended a week before my pilgrimage. The place was filled with nostalgia, it was also curiously filled with space aficionado's (nerds). I almost bought myself a mug that said "I need my space" very apt. I made sure I also had my photo taken in front of the NASA sign, this was the closest I had ever felt to become an astronaut, a very proud moment. What I didn't do however, is get my mum to take a photo of me, tell her it was no good, or rather shout it at her and then proceed to take a shuttle load of photos of myself looking cool. OMG.

Simon Hewson©2012