Here we have another car for sale. A nearly used Corvette with a total rebuild, 800bhp, 4 new tyres and it's guaranteed to get you across a muddy bog quicker than you can say "I can't see shit! Can you?" (sorry for the Cannonball Run reference, it just seemed fitting.)
I feel conflicted. I love the idea of saving the world by driving a hybrid, electric or alternative fuel car, but in the same breath I love the feeling of redlining a car and revelling in its power. I grew up with motor racing. I followed the late great Ayrton Senna from the age of four, I still miss him today. I even followed my own aspirations to race, from karting to getting a National B racing licence in the UK. I soon realised that I could have all the pace in the world, but if you don't have the wallet to match the pace, you may as well sit yourself back on the sofa.
I took this shot in Old Town, Florida. The Corvette was going for around $18,000. I reckon that's about half of what the white Prius cost and dare I say, possibly a more sustainable car? 

P.S If anyone wants to give me a drive in their race car/ team I'd be happy to drive for free (just putting it out there!)

Simon Hewson©2012