Happenings and other news

Wheres the image of the week? He's so lazy...

Well, I hold my hands high and apologise for the lack of image of the week over the past few weeks. I have had my head firmly stuck in a photography vacuum, I have managed to dislodge it for a few seconds, so I thought I would fill you in on the latest info.

My new show 'Playground' opened last week at Gaffa gallery, the opening was a fantastic night, much fun was had by all. The shows last day is the 14th of May, so if you want to see it, but haven't, you better get in quick!

So they say (whomever they actually are?) never work with kids and animals. This week I have done both.

Meet Mila, perfectly well behaved until Mum put her in a washing basket.

Simon Hewson©2012

Next meet Zeb, a very friendly dog and bicycle enthusiast. Will sit still for biscuits.

Simon Hewson©2012

Now for Sheila, Sheila is a black sheep. She doesn't hang with the others she chooses to do her own thing. She has a wine named after her.

Simon Hewson©2012

Then I spent a morning photographing beautiful bikes with Justin from Bondi bikes, that shop is a must visit place, even if you don't like bikes you will fall in love with something shiny in there.

Simon Hewson©2012

I also shot the winter collection for Nala. I know very little about fashion, but their stuff is pretty damn cool.

Simon Hewson©2012

So that was a very quick run down of my week, so far... Image of the week will be back next week!
Now where did I put that vacuum?