The best cherries I ever tasted were in Chaves, Portugal. Plucked from a tree in an overgrown garden at the back of a hotel we stayed at. I was admiring the way the light was hitting the disused hotel sign laying in the grass. I then noticed that the tree was full of beautifully ripe cherries. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, I figured I was alone so I plucked one from the tree. As I was placing the stolen fruit in my mouth an elderly lady rounded the corner and spotted me enjoying what wasn't mine.
'Bugger!' I thought to myself, such an innocent theft and now I'm going to be punished!
To my surprise she gave me a warm smile, she walked straight past me and up to the tree. With the aid of an old garden rake she pulled down an entire branch. I then heard the voices of excited kids running towards us from behind. They were her grandchildren, full of joy and innocence, just the way kids should be.
I asked if I could take photos of them gathering their fruit, she granted my wish and then offered me the entire branch that she had first pulled off the tree, I did the typically English thing and refused profusely.
Not a good idea on my part. The branch was pretty much forced upon me and I gladly accepted the wonderful gift. They tasted so much better than the one I had stolen. This was my first interaction with the people of Portugal and I have to say they are some of the loveliest people I have ever met.

Simon Hewson©2012



Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers of the world. While love still lingers vaguely in the air, I feel its an apt time for another instalment of lovers. It's the day after, the chocolates are all but gone, the wine is laying heavy on the head and the rose needs some water. Is that what love is about? I think not. I think however, these folks in Coney Island know what love is.

Simon Hewson © 2012



It looks like "One Green Bottle" did accidentally fall. Or maybe not, I'm unsure if this bottle came with a message either, or perhaps it does? How about "Please place your rubbish in the bins provided."
I have a bit of a thing for littering. My Nan taught me that if there are no bins around then you are to place your rubbish in your pocket until you find one, alternately place it in the bin once you're home.
I always had pockets full of trash as a child.
There is however, something strangely poetic about this bottle, maybe it will make a new home for a little family of fish or perhaps a crab that needs a new shell. Expect more trash talk soon.

Simon Hewson©2012



Refreshingly emerald water strokes the shore of Makarska, Croatia. I don't feel the need to talk about this weeks image, apart from to say that I adore Croatia. Such a beautiful country, with landscapes so varied that one minute you could feel like your on Mars and the next you can be in lush alpine forest. It has to be one of my favorite places on this fragile Earth of ours. There will be more from Croatia soon, enjoy.

Simon Hewson©2012