I'm happy to announce that I will be showing again at gaffa gallery, as part of the Head On Photo Festival 2012.

Playground is a series of images from colourful Coney Island, NY, USA.
 The air is full of screams, laughter and music, with the smell of hotdogs, fried onions and the occasional whiff of suncream floating by. Hewson set out to capture the simplest of encounters, focusing on what makes Coney Island so wonderful, the people and its culture. A couple sharing a stolen kiss, a bored snake waiting to have his photo taken, the sun scorching colourfully painted walls and beach goers taking refuge under a water fountain. Having captured people unguardedly shedding their inhibitions, getting lose and revelling in the gift of a sunny day by the beach, it results in an intimate body of work that celebrates fun, joy and life at Coney Island.

We would love to see you at the opening! Thursday 3rd May 6-8pm, gallery 2, gaffa gallery, 281 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW, Australia.