This time last year was our last day in Italy, we were due to set sail for Croatia the following afternoon. After much clenching of the teeth/jaw, we decided to park the van up for a few days and have a rest from driving. We decided that the Amalfi coast would be the perfect place to do this. I was more than happy to walk around for a few days, stretch the legs and avoid near head on collisions at every turn.
This weeks shot was taken on one of our walks from Marmorata into Almalfi. The walk is about  3 km, not a walk for the faint of heart. A very windy road with Sheer drops on one side and rock face on the other. Along the road are lots of little doorways to peoples homes and the odd shop, this doorway was just around from a blind corner. I'm not sure what was going on here, a nosey neighbour? A concerned passer by? I'll let you decide.  Later that night we celebrated our last night in Italy with a couple of beautiful ice creams, I bit into mine with all the gusto of a greedy child, I felt a strange crunch, thinking it was little odd, I carefully placed the hard object in my hand. On closer inspection I realised I had lost a good chunk of my front tooth. Great! The van got through Italy without a scratch, my teeth clenching however had taken its toll.

Simon Hewson ©2012