Kodak Salon 2010

Simon Hewson ©2010

I am happy to report that I won one of the 15 categories at the 2010 Kodak Salon Exhibition held at the CCP in Melbourne. The Exhibition is held annually and has been running for 17 years (I believe). This year over 300 photographers entered with over 400 images on display and up for judgement.

The Exhibition itself is based around the Parisian idea of displaying artworks from floor to ceiling. This is very overwhelming to view. We did at least four laps of the gallery before we felt like we had seen everything and even then we still missed the odd gem.

When I entered my images I thought about the categories that might fit well with my work. I decided to enter one of my favorite portraits and an image that has been pestering me for a while... The image I refer to is 'Hope' it won 'Excellence in the use of colour'. I have always loved this image, it really was a moment in time. I dragged out the roll of film that the image was on and there is only one single frame of this scenario. I do recall watching for a short time and waiting for things to fall into place.

I took 'Hope' on new years day on the island of Lido, which is just a short boat ride from Venice. Each year they have a beach party, there is a bunch of hardened swimmers that go for the first chilly dip of the year in the Golfo di Venezia. The locals give out free wine and food to passers by, a lovely Italian mumma gave me the biggest plate of delicious pasta you have ever seen.

The show is open now and ends on September the 25th.

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