Arshel's. A place to get a hearty feed and a genuine smile.
As we sit, I ponder on how many folk stop by, weary from the road and craving some kind of interaction, however fleeting this may be.
I order the home made soup to start, it's pretty bloody good and I tell them so, in return I get an assured "We thought so!" Next is Fried Chicken, also great. Once my plate of food has been devoured I start to wonder why we are the only two eating there? Is it the wrong time of day? Is there someplace else to eat? Is everyone staying home as it's a Sunday night? On reflection, I came to the conclusion that, in places like this people don't go out for dinner, unless there is something to celebrate. I have a strong sense that these four walls have seen their fair share of celebration over the years, sadly, just not in recent times.

Simon Hewson ©2013