Whilst en-route to the city of sin, or luck, depending on how you look at it, we stopped at the small ghost town of Calico. A mixture of the bizarre and unsurprising. I found it a little saddening that these kind of attractions are no longer attracting passers by in the way they were intended.
A dry and dusty 38 degree heat blew as we roamed the town. We stumbled into one of the stores and I found candy cigarettes, taking me straight back to my childhood. I bought 3 packs in an instant. The lady that served us was dressed in full gold rush attire. She wouldn't have looked out of place in an episode of 'Deadwood'. We got talking and she told us it had been hot up on the hill and things were dry. The horses had all but died in the heat, "They hadn't been looked after real good" she said with hint of anger. "They took em someplace else, someplace undercover where they get fed." She followed with a resigned "They put that sign up. But they ain't coming back. God hoping they don't."

SImon Hewson©2013