As we neared ever closer to our first major pit stop in NYC, the road had been throwing us all sorts of adventures. On the same day that I made this photograph in Exmore, Virginia, we passed by a wreckers yard. I stopped to photograph a beat up 1956 Cadillac hearse. I asked for permission first as I didn't want to run into any problems, as it turned out it was a good thing I did.
I got chatting to they guy that owned the place, a nice bloke with a really positive outlook. We soon fell into deep discussion. We got onto the subject of guns. A subject that is currently a strong talking point in the media, due to the horrific shootings in Aurora, Colorado. He explained how he carries a concealed handgun and that he was waiting for his license to be approved for a machine gun. This baffled my wife and I. "Why?" we asked. He explained that it was his right and that in the right hands they are harmless. But the question still remains why/ how do they end up in the wrong hands? Surely the idea of having the right to bear arms is in need of some tough review. It seems to me that the idea of having more and living up to old ideals is holding back this beautiful country.

Simon Hewson©2012