After a week of fun, food and relaxation in NYC we headed for Niagara Falls. We decided to drive through Canada for a day or two and re join the USA at Detroit. I have been fascinated by the falls since childhood. This was sure to be a pilgrimage.
Alec Soth's wonderful book 'Niagara' explains Niagara's story so beautifully through the visual medium of photography, that I would not even attempt to try to put into words what he did within his book, all I will say is if you haven't seen it, get it!
 The "What's on your bucket list?" question comes up all the time. I would have to say that Niagara Falls was firmly on my list. The Maid Of The Mist boat ride really moved me, to be able to be so close to such an awesome natural force. I may have even shed a tear, but that might have just been spray in my eyes, hard to tell. So us humans are so awe struck by its sheer natural magnificence, size, energy and power, however, some find it perfectly acceptable to casually drop litter on or in one of our fragile earths most amazing natural wonders. I really try to believe that we all care about our planet, but sights like this test my belief.

Simon Hewson©2012