A year ago today we pulled up in Dixon, Illinois. What at first sight appeared to be a relatively sleepy city, happens to be the extremely proud home town of the late Ronald Reagan. It seems apt that my 40th image of the week is about the 40th President of the USA, especially as most countries are feeling a great sense of patriotic pride from watching their sports people put their everything into the London Olympics. Reagan himself was quite the athlete in his time. In 1927 he was a lifeguard at Rock River where he saved 77 people from drowning. A large statue of him horseback stands as testament beside the very same river. I was too young in the early eighties to know much about Reagan, I only really knew of him through the satirical TV show 'Spitting Image', although funny, it may not have been the closest portrayal of a man that gave a country hope and warmed the hearts of many. He was a positive man, he tried to make a difference and in many ways he did make a difference. It seems to me, that in this life that is all we should really aim to do.

Simon Hewson©2012